Sunday, June 7, 2015

On the other side....

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. -Carl Jung
Cliché... but clichés are truth's too!

And if you would see it from the other angle? Would the truth also still be true? Everything that pleases us about others (or is pleasant about others) lead us to an understanding of what we are or want to become.

For almost two years, my good friend donkey, has been going all around South Africa telling his audience the following truth: "If I help others, I will find happiness".  I don't know how true this is - and coming from donkey that is satisfied with the minimum, I'd have to rethink this.

It irritates me tremendously when I see someone throw away their lives... and I can so remember in the past what my secret thoughts were when I met someone falling around, not knowing what they want to do... and here I am myself now - dangling from the one day to the other.... barely making ends meat and believe me: no sense out of it all.

Stupidity irritates me. I make stupid choices every day... or say stupid things.

Insomnia irritates me. It is 24:00 here now.

Kind people sooths my soul. Contentness with what people have, even not much, inspire me. A good story is always a pleasure to hear. A good pee - and the relief after keeping it in for a,long time - is one of the nicest feelings I know. Happy children with loads of energy keeps me on my toes. Wisdom keeps me going.

Buckle up! Ignore the irritations, because that is what you are (albeit Jung), and focus on the things that soothe your body, mind and soul - because that is what you can be....

In the words of my good old yellow friend, SpongeBob!

SpongeBob:        Aw, cheer up Squid! It could be worse!
Patrick:               Yeah. You could be bald and have a big nose.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The old cliche...

You know the old cliché of: If I look at someone else life I must be glad... and am glad that I have the challenges that I face.... Its not a cliché for nothing

Some other clichés that's a cliché for a reason are:

Time heals - oh boy - it does!

Time flies... when you having fun - but I've experienced the opposite to be true too.
If someone shows you his/her true colours - believe him/her! (You learn this one the hard way)

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.... I used to work with an old lady.... wise too - she used to say: money makes funny.... I think the absence of money also makes funny....

An idle mind is the devils playground... and does the devil like o come out and play!

Deal with it. Easier said than done, especially if you got out of bed with the wrong foot, or on the wrong side of the bed - or maybe not you, but your partner/housemate/colleague.

Even though this is a small world, and the media is at our fingertips, I personally think it is much harder just to: deal with it.

Something to think about: How do you live a simple life, stripped form all un-necessities - and still live?

Do you get in bed every night and think: I had a full day? Life...

Life is too short to worry... lets have another beer!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

.... even if the light is dim.... its still a light

I'm a strong baboon but...

This Puppet jungle only have so many bananas to eat from... and when the bananas are done.. we are left with a peal.... and yellow peal of all things!

My bananas are up... and there were no more other stuff that I could look forward too... Because I like bananas.... or so I thought. When I shouted: No more bananas.... I'm done hanging AROUND here... I realised that life has more to offer than just bananas. Life has friends. And maybe juicy mango's - you must just sometimes wait ... open your eyes and see!

All banana jokes aside. This is me, Swannie, speaking now. We have heard over the media - about popular and not so popular stars committing suicide... because of depression. I have it. I fight it. Sometimes I just give in. I almost did. But talking to my friends... and there is a lot out there I realised that the dream I dreamt - and I thought was dead.. is only dead if I kill it. One dream can have many forms. Sometimes you just have to jump in a tree to look at it from a different angle.

I've learnt tonight to:
1. Wait....
2. Be still - meaning SHUTUP a bit and listen, and DONT move
3. Get out.

Three very important lessons.

1. I will wait... and not try and fix things because I am so good or great. BUT wait. God (or the universe) will provide
2. I'd be still and not be angry.... at God, nor myself, nor the people around me.... And I will sit and breathe.... that is after all a miracle itself... to be able to breathe.
3. I will get out more.... and not isolate myself from all the wonderful people, nature and opportunities out there. I wont be a hermit....

Because even a yellow peal can become an ingredient for a new kind of juice that you can share with a friend.

                                                We need to see the friends around us

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

And the days just pass by

And the days just pass by...

Without reflecting on every day as I close the door I wonder if one does not miss life? Have we become so used shutting out, of, on and out that even the sunlight passes us by?

I love breathing, I love winter, spring, autumn and winter... but do I really live the seasons... of the year and of life.... I'm confused!

We follow the philosophy of cutting out negative energy.... but negative energy makes us the positive energy we are.... I'm confused.

Am I so used to objectify life that the people in my life is being objectified too? I'm confused!

Monday, June 9, 2014

The outside noises

Saw a guy and his wife and kids walking in the SPAR today... but the guy was so desperatly listening to one or other tune on his phone, so much so it was a bit unnatural! I wondered if we (being me) also try to block or ignore the noises the world make? Is it not better to stop and listen... maybe the noises would become music if you listen long enough?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Quest for a fuller life?

A puppet from the past posted last night on facebook a few strange questions, we continued the conversation on the phone today.

I dont know him, all that I know is that he had a strange but enlightned effect on me since the time I saw him 14 years ago... You know when you get a feeling that this puppet will be part of the cycle of life, always?

Enough said. He does not know me also... but he struck a nerve... or is it a string? Do I live my life to the fullest, or according to a belief or beliefs being casted over my life in the past, present... (and by choice) in the future? This makes me uneasy.

I dont know how and what to think about it. I re-discovered some goals and dreams I wrote down after a past teacher re entered my life... and he also constantly challenged me to be more ME! He gave up after a few attempts.

Another friend, now living in the afterlife also had this unsettling effect on me.

Strange - and more concerning in my soul now is - I dont have the answer.

How does one live your life fully? Is this a monster that I can manipulate?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Moment relapse of reason

In Afrikaans I always thought "die sagte sprong" written by Sheila Cussons (I think) meant just this.... that tiny little moment where no reason is present... or that tiny moment between life and death... or that tiny moment that you experienced something scary, out of the ordinary, or what ever description you can give it, label it with.

I had that, not to long ago. Last weekend. A minute where... I think my heart stopped beating, I experienced the world in a slow "tiek-tok-tiek-tok" way. I looked down at my feet and I could not figure out if I was sitting or lying down. I could see me feet- but that was it. I felt it, but could not explain it. Still cant explain it.

And then it was gone.

In the last two years I buried three of my best friends. The first one got murdered, the second one had a stroke and the third one took his own life.

What were their thoughts? Did they had a relapse of reason, and did not recover from that... like I did? Is life not a whole bunch of relapses... that - put together make a "lapse" (at a lack of a better word) of reason... that keep us going?

I am looking for reason in everything I see - and I can fnd it! But sometimes I choose not too.

Enough for today, let me join my friends for a drink and a party in the puppet box!

Till Next Time