Sunday, May 10, 2015

The old cliche...

You know the old cliché of: If I look at someone else life I must be glad... and am glad that I have the challenges that I face.... Its not a cliché for nothing

Some other clichés that's a cliché for a reason are:

Time heals - oh boy - it does!

Time flies... when you having fun - but I've experienced the opposite to be true too.
If someone shows you his/her true colours - believe him/her! (You learn this one the hard way)

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.... I used to work with an old lady.... wise too - she used to say: money makes funny.... I think the absence of money also makes funny....

An idle mind is the devils playground... and does the devil like o come out and play!

Deal with it. Easier said than done, especially if you got out of bed with the wrong foot, or on the wrong side of the bed - or maybe not you, but your partner/housemate/colleague.

Even though this is a small world, and the media is at our fingertips, I personally think it is much harder just to: deal with it.

Something to think about: How do you live a simple life, stripped form all un-necessities - and still live?

Do you get in bed every night and think: I had a full day? Life...

Life is too short to worry... lets have another beer!

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