Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Taking a fall

So donkey asked butterfly the other day what does he do when he yearns to go back in to the cacoon where it is dark and wet, and the sun.... or any other light shines?

Butterfly had to think about it, and also lie a bit - but donkey will never know that! The only side donkey sees is the bright and light side of butterfly. Butterfly replied: "I sometimes revisit that dark and wet place under the tree... and for a short while feel guilty for going back to old pleasures. But then I get up after a while, shake my wings and remind myself that I can alos make mistakes... but it is not the end of the world. The important thing to remeber is to get up out f your cocoon again. The great thing of getting out of that coccoon after that is: that I fly higher, collect more pollen and shine more brighter in the sun."

We all go back to stuff we do not want to do, or a state we once were comfortable in! Its only for a short while!

Get up, and fly higher!

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