Saturday, April 21, 2012

Other babbonpuppets

I was hanging in a tree last night, when suddenly this other baboon came flying by. "HE WONT EVEN SEE ME, LET ALONE TALK TO ME... he is from another species.... and I am but me" , I thought.  But he stopped and stared....

There is space for all of us in this world. Now matter how hairy or not hairy you are. The determination of the mere encounter of the passersby in your life must and will have an impact somewhere in your life. Encounters.... even just eyecontact rubs off. The question I think one need to ask is: what am I going to make with this encounter? Is it going to stay eyecontact, or is it going to change my life? 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I have to get up

I slept one whole day.... I love sleeping. Today I am jumping the trees one by one and spending time with those that is important to me.

The luxury of dreaming can only be a luxury if it stays to dreaming. I want to start with the following:
1. Write the dream down, again!
2. Get some actionplans towards this dream
3. Be more aware of my surroundings
4. Talk about my dream
5. Get a partner on the wagon
6. DO IT!
I often wonder about where one is born... is it right, the right place where you should be? What if the bananas on the other side of the river is tastier, because you like the taste more... Who says that the place where you are born is the destined one for you? I think the reason the world is upside down is because of the inner peace one find in your true place. I would hate it to die one day and never experienced that peace (piece) of belonging!!