Sunday, June 7, 2015

On the other side....

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. -Carl Jung
Cliché... but clichés are truth's too!

And if you would see it from the other angle? Would the truth also still be true? Everything that pleases us about others (or is pleasant about others) lead us to an understanding of what we are or want to become.

For almost two years, my good friend donkey, has been going all around South Africa telling his audience the following truth: "If I help others, I will find happiness".  I don't know how true this is - and coming from donkey that is satisfied with the minimum, I'd have to rethink this.

It irritates me tremendously when I see someone throw away their lives... and I can so remember in the past what my secret thoughts were when I met someone falling around, not knowing what they want to do... and here I am myself now - dangling from the one day to the other.... barely making ends meat and believe me: no sense out of it all.

Stupidity irritates me. I make stupid choices every day... or say stupid things.

Insomnia irritates me. It is 24:00 here now.

Kind people sooths my soul. Contentness with what people have, even not much, inspire me. A good story is always a pleasure to hear. A good pee - and the relief after keeping it in for a,long time - is one of the nicest feelings I know. Happy children with loads of energy keeps me on my toes. Wisdom keeps me going.

Buckle up! Ignore the irritations, because that is what you are (albeit Jung), and focus on the things that soothe your body, mind and soul - because that is what you can be....

In the words of my good old yellow friend, SpongeBob!

SpongeBob:        Aw, cheer up Squid! It could be worse!
Patrick:               Yeah. You could be bald and have a big nose.