Sunday, March 17, 2013

i drink to forget!

One of my puppet friends are doing an ancient story "The Little Prince" - and then he fail ill... and realised in al of the turmoil, sleeping and pain....

In the city, we are alone. But thats okay... it can be negative - but it all depends on what side of the corner of angle you look at it.

One is only needed in your own head... and as I baboon n, I had to get my head around that. Lots of things can be a given. Lots of things can be bought. Plastic, Booze, Goods, maybe a better job... but to be needed is a human made emotion.... a nice emotion at that... but does not mean anything without love. Love and trust can not be bought. Its needs to be lived.... and if you are not getting love, trust, peace where you are now.... move!!

Thats why I'm moving.

The drukard in the show says: "I drink to forget". I will not be that: Ill drink because I can!!