Friday, July 12, 2013

When I was younger....

When I was younger I walked faster, slept more, drank more and ate more. When I was younger I dreamed with stars in my eyes.... and I was certain that I was going to change the world.... I was the missing link. I was the answer... not only to my own problems, but I could face every challenge... sometimes blind, sometimes ignorant - but I faced them, nonetheless. I fell in love with everyone I see, and survived and that love for hours, days, months. I knew what I wanted, where I am going to, how much I can take and tolerate. When I was younger I smelled the change of the season, felt the cold and concurred the heat. When I was younger my favorite colour was purple and my mood always red! When I was younger I knew it all.

Now I'm older. I wonder who changed the rules? Okay... I walk a bit slower and think a bit more about the next step... My favorite colour is still purple, but a softer violet, sometimes I have to listen twice to hear, or the cold is too cold and the heat too hot... and yes I see the worlds problems... BUT - I still dream big and walk on the clouds... I still love with a passion and hurt even more, I still survive on your smile for days... and YES! I AM STILL GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!