Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Quest for a fuller life?

A puppet from the past posted last night on facebook a few strange questions, we continued the conversation on the phone today.

I dont know him, all that I know is that he had a strange but enlightned effect on me since the time I saw him 14 years ago... You know when you get a feeling that this puppet will be part of the cycle of life, always?

Enough said. He does not know me also... but he struck a nerve... or is it a string? Do I live my life to the fullest, or according to a belief or beliefs being casted over my life in the past, present... (and by choice) in the future? This makes me uneasy.

I dont know how and what to think about it. I re-discovered some goals and dreams I wrote down after a past teacher re entered my life... and he also constantly challenged me to be more ME! He gave up after a few attempts.

Another friend, now living in the afterlife also had this unsettling effect on me.

Strange - and more concerning in my soul now is - I dont have the answer.

How does one live your life fully? Is this a monster that I can manipulate?

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