Sunday, March 29, 2015

.... even if the light is dim.... its still a light

I'm a strong baboon but...

This Puppet jungle only have so many bananas to eat from... and when the bananas are done.. we are left with a peal.... and yellow peal of all things!

My bananas are up... and there were no more other stuff that I could look forward too... Because I like bananas.... or so I thought. When I shouted: No more bananas.... I'm done hanging AROUND here... I realised that life has more to offer than just bananas. Life has friends. And maybe juicy mango's - you must just sometimes wait ... open your eyes and see!

All banana jokes aside. This is me, Swannie, speaking now. We have heard over the media - about popular and not so popular stars committing suicide... because of depression. I have it. I fight it. Sometimes I just give in. I almost did. But talking to my friends... and there is a lot out there I realised that the dream I dreamt - and I thought was dead.. is only dead if I kill it. One dream can have many forms. Sometimes you just have to jump in a tree to look at it from a different angle.

I've learnt tonight to:
1. Wait....
2. Be still - meaning SHUTUP a bit and listen, and DONT move
3. Get out.

Three very important lessons.

1. I will wait... and not try and fix things because I am so good or great. BUT wait. God (or the universe) will provide
2. I'd be still and not be angry.... at God, nor myself, nor the people around me.... And I will sit and breathe.... that is after all a miracle itself... to be able to breathe.
3. I will get out more.... and not isolate myself from all the wonderful people, nature and opportunities out there. I wont be a hermit....

Because even a yellow peal can become an ingredient for a new kind of juice that you can share with a friend.

                                                We need to see the friends around us

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